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Gold Coast Temp Control is a California Licensed, Insured and Bonded HVAC company. We are family owned and operated. Gold Coast hires skilled technicians that demonstrate the patience to accurately diagnose air conditioning issues, heating problems, furnace problems, electrical problems causing A/C issues. We want to help fix your A/C unit that is not blowing cold air. Give us a call or request a quote to schedule an appointment.

      Our property management company called GC for an emergency call due to no heat in Dec. Greg called us right away when other company's never even responded due to the busy time of year. They came out the next morning, and informed us that there was asbestos ducting. Unfortunately, the property management company did not answer when he tried to get auth to start work so he had to leave & they went with another HORRIBLE HVAC company. I appreciate how professional, honest and responsive they were to our initial call and follow up questions. I hope my PM company uses them per my request next time.

    thumb Alice M.

      ORIGINAL REVIEW: So Black Friday morning - broken furnace (gas would not ignite).  Reached out via Yelp since the company I typically use was backed up through the weekend. Greg responded quickly and had a technician out by early afternoon. That was great. The technician (Bill) was very efficient and had the problem diagnosed quickly (he didn't even mind me watching).  Faulty circuit board. He says the parts shops close at 2 and he's gotta hustle to get the part so runs out to the truck. I get a call from Greg and it's the normal "can we upsell you on a new furnace?"  He's not pushy and that's fine when I say no. But it's going to be $850. That's a bit of a shock to me. I've had boards replaced before for under $400. After the call, I go read the part number off the board and look it up on Amazon. Between $159 and $199. I call Greg back and we discuss but ultimately it's "it's a cold Friday and I've got other customers waiting. Take it or leave it" (paraphrased). Well even with Amazon, I'm not getting the part before Monday. What am I going to do? The technician returns with the part and the furnace is running in 20 minutes. As pleased as I am, I do feel ripped off on the price. I paid $850 for a $200 part and just under 2 hours from the minute he arrived until the minute I signed the bill. I'll be going back to my regular provider next time. They're not cheap but I've never felt ripped off.

    UPDATE: the day after my Yelp review posted, Greg called to follow up. Actually he called twice since I wasn't able to talk the first time.  We caught up the next day and he was apologetic about the experience. He explained that they use job-based pricing and although the technician was very fast, the price is fixed. Still, he had already credited me $125 before we even spoke, so I appreciated that.

    Greg was also apologetic about how I felt during the initial transaction. Although I don't feel an apology entirely erases the experience, I do feel it warrants an update and improvement to the review.

    thumb Todd M.